Born to Run

29 Jun

The Tail End Lost PodcastEpisode 22 – The marathon of podcasts hits its penultimate episode! On this show, we lose the first 30 seconds of audio, but i am sure you already know the name of the show and that it is Beth and Ralph talking. Beth and Ralph discuss Shit Storms, Ralph’s First Celebrity Crush and “LOST”. We also get a great call from Wayne on the hotline (206.888.4977) so sit back and enjoy! <href=””>Born to Run</a>


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2 Responses to “Born to Run”

  1. Wayne T July 1, 2011 at 11:10 pm #

    Good point about Walt possibly foreseeing Michael shooting Ana Lucia and Libby! I hadn’t thought of that! I also forgot to try to figure out why Walt suddenly insisted that they had to leave. Especially since all it did was get him kidnapped! But like I said in my phone call, it could’ve been a Man in Black deception. Maybe MIB knew that the Others would go after Walt, and that it would start a conflict between the Others and the survivors and cause people (candidates) to die.

    Leave it to Beth to theorize the gross details of Michael’s illness! :-)


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