What the Heck is Going On?

10 Apr

Hey Gang,

Ralph here to let you know what the heck is going on with The Tail End. Last week both Beth and I spent some time on Jay and Jack‘s 30 hour live podcast event for Autism Speaks. As announced by Beth, The Tail End will be ending. I know it sucks, but it is a mutual decision between the both of us. Before you start coming at us with pitchforks and torches, we wanted to let you know that this does not mean that the show is done or that we are not podcasting anymore.

First things first. There are 5 episodes of The Tail End that have been recorded and need to be posted. Once I take care of some technical issues that is preventing the shows from being posted , I will post them here. It won’t be soon, but it will hopefully happen eventually (fingers crossed). Secondly the blog and all the shows will remain active so that you can go back and listen to them whenever you wish.

Even though The Tail End will be going the way of the dodo, that doesn’t mean that you have heard the last of us. Coming sooner than later will be an all new podcast starring Beth and Myself and hopefully many guests. I cannot tell you what the name of that show is, because the title has not been locked down yet, but I can tell you it will be fun and filled with conversations about farts and poos. Would you expect anything less?

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who has been patient with us and would like to apologize to every last one of you for not sticking to our word on doing the remaining episodes. It was a pretty ambitious endeavor and we wish that we could have completed it. We love LOST and we love you guys. Stay tuned for our final 5 episodes and news on the upcoming podcast.

thank you all so much for patients.


Tail End Hiatus Update.

15 Aug

Hey Folks,

So here’s the deal. The show is in a bit of a hiatus as you can probably tell. The situation is that we have 3 episode for season 2 completed. I was thinking of posting those shows, but right after those shows went up we would be right back in another hiatus. As you know, Beth and Jorge are in Vancouver and it makes it tough to get recordings done. So I was thinking of holding off posting the 3 episodes until we could do show recordings on a regular basis.

Down time is going to be unavoidable. Let us know what you think in the comments section below and we will keep you updated here.




6 Jul

The Tail End Lost Podcast

Episode 23 – The marathon of podcasts recordings concludes, we talk about the season 1 finale of LOST and we celebrate our 9 month anniversary today! This episode is sure to please, especially if you are into Baby Deliveries, Godzilla and Period Blood!! Oh, we also talk about LOST with Jorge and get some fantastic calls into the hotline (206.888.4977) so sit back and enjoy! <href=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/dharmalars/TailEnd-23.mp3”>Exodus</a>

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Born to Run

29 Jun

The Tail End Lost PodcastEpisode 22 – The marathon of podcasts hits its penultimate episode! On this show, we lose the first 30 seconds of audio, but i am sure you already know the name of the show and that it is Beth and Ralph talking. Beth and Ralph discuss Shit Storms, Ralph’s First Celebrity Crush and “LOST”. We also get a great call from Wayne on the hotline (206.888.4977) so sit back and enjoy! <href=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/dharmalars/TailEnd-22.mp3”>Born to Run</a>


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The Greater Good

20 Jun

The Tail End Lost Podcast

Episode 21 –  The marathon of podcasts continues and we finally get the Crescent Rolls into the oven! On this episode, Beth and Ralph discuss the Sayid Episode “The Greater Good” aka “Sides”? We get a great call from Renita on the hotline (206.888.4977) and drop in on our friend Cliff! Sit back and enjoy!<href=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/dharmalars/TailEnd-21.mp3”>The Greater Good</a>

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Do No Harm

20 May
The Tail End Lost Podcast
Episode 20 –  The marathon of podcasts continues and we finally find out if Jorge brought us Crescent Rolls or not! On this episode, Beth and Chatty Kathy discuss the boring Jack episode Do No Harm. We also talk about Weddings, Boone’s Eyes and Glee? We have a couple of great calls this week on the hotline (206.888.4977), so sit back and enjoy!<href=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/dharmalars/TailEnd-20.mp3”>Do No Harm</a>
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Deus Ex Machina

9 May
The Tail End Lost Podcast
Episode 19 –  The marathon of podcasts continues! On this episode Ralph and Beth discuss the Locke episode Deus Ex Machina. We talk about Mouse Trap, Ralph’s New Job and Farts (naturally). We also give Cole a call  and we have a couple of calls this week on the hotline (206.888.4977). <href=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/dharmalars/TailEnd-19.mp3”>Deus Ex Machina</a>
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19 Apr
The Tail End Lost Podcast
Episode 18 –  Dust off your LOST dvds, it’s time for the Numbers’ Commentary with Beth, Ralph and Jorge Garcia (Mr. Sunshine/Curb Your Enthusiasm). On this episode of The Tail End, Jorge gives some insight into the Hurley-centric episode, “Numbers”. Sit back and enjoy watching this episode with The Tail End. There are no phone calls this week, but you can still give us a call for next weeks show at (206) 888-4977.<href=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/dharmalars/TailEnd-18.mp3”>Numbers</a>
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…In Translation

8 Apr
The Tail End Lost Podcast
Episode 17 –  The marathon of podcasts continue! On this episode Ralph and Beth discuss how to say Douchebag and Paper Towel in Korean, find out what C-Water is and get an incredible rendition of The Gummy Bears theme song. We also give Tara a call and hear a sneak preview of the new Tail End theme song!! All that and we have a couple of calls this week on the hotline (206.888.4977). Sorry Renita, but the audio on your phone call got messed up and it sounded like you were auto-tuned.<href=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/dharmalars/TailEnd-17.mp3”>In Translation</a>
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24 Mar
The Tail End Lost Podcast
Episode 16 –  Beth, Ralph and Jorge are back to discuss Clamado, Corn Beef, Couples Costumes and other C-Words. We also get into some LOST discussion. Sit back and enjoy the first of many episodes recording during a day long podcasting marathon. Sorry, but we did not get any calls this week on the hotline (206.888.4977). Way to go. I hope you are able to enjoy the show anyway.<a href=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/dharmalars/TailEnd-16.mp3”>Outlaws</a>
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